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Why crowd fund a re-release of Bhai Taru Singh?

The sole intent and nature of Vismaad projects is propagating legendary Sikh role models and history to inspire our future generations. It is our collective responsibility to make sure such projects see the light of day.

The re-release is happening to repeat the impact seen after the first 2-D release, but this time to a wider audience. The 3-D animation/effects this time around in the movie, help bring out our story in greater awe-inspiring way. The moving and compelling tale of this legendary Gursikh unfailingly awakens the Sikh spirit within the audience. We hope to see more inspiring stories with this re-release.

Is a studio running this campaign with you?


When is Bhai Taru Singh release planned?

Releasing worldwide on April 27, 2018

When will I get my perks?

Due to the nature of crowdfunding campaigns, schedules can change based on campaign completion. Here’s an estimate of when you can expect to receive your perks:

T-SHIRTS: 2 WEEKS BEFORE RELEASE. The memorabilia shall be sent out about 2-4 weeks before movie release
CARICATURE, PAINTINGS, etc: 8-10 WEEKS BEFORE RELEASE. These can only be sent out after movie is released in theaters

Are all of the rewards available in all countries?


Is shipping & handling payable by me?

No. We’ll deliver at your doorstep

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